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Electrochemical Pretreatment of Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes Based on Sinusoidal-wave Potential Cycling and its Application to Amperometric Sensing of Bioactive Compounds

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 2 ]


Vladimir Halouzka, Jan Hrbac, David Jirovsky, Daniel Riman, Petr Jakubec, Zdenka Bartosova, Vlastimil Masek, Peter Mojzes and Jan Vacek   Pages 305 - 311 ( 7 )


We demonstrate the electrochemical pretreatment of carbon fiber microelectrodes (CFEs) based on the sinusoidal- wave potential cycling (50 Hz) of CFEs prior to amperometric analysis. The surface modification and morphology of CFEs after pretreatment was studied using Raman spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The pretreated CFEs were extensively tested for sensing of bioactive compounds (dopamine, nitric oxide, ascorbate and nitrite) by constant current amperometry at 830 mV vs. Ag/AgCl.


Carbon fiber, dopamine, microelectrode, nitric oxide, pretreatment, sensor


Department of Physical Chemistry Palacky University, Faculty of Science, tr. 17. listopadu 12, 771 46 Olomouc, Czech Republic.

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