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The Rhenium Determination in Copper and Molybdenum Ores and Concentrates by ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometry

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 4 ]


Olga Evdokimova, Polina Zaitceva, Nadezhda Pechishcheva, Alexandr Pupyshev and Konstantin Shunyaev   Pages 449 - 456 ( 8 )


The ICP-AES technique was developed for rhenium determination in the range of 0.00002 - 0.05 % in copper and molybdenum ores along with their concentrates. The sample pretreatment method by sintering with magnesium oxide and oxidizing agents was offered for analysis; optimum conditions for samples digestion were established. These conditions enabled to pass rhenium into solution with no losses. Matrix influence on rhenium emission spectral lines was studied and methods were investigated to eliminate matrix effects. The analysis results of rhenium-containing ores and concentrates certificated reference materials and mixtures on their basis, obtained by the developed procedure, agreed well with the certified rhenium content values.


Rhenium, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectral analysis, internal standard, sintering, copper and molybdenum concentrates and ores.


Institute of Metallurgy, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 101 Amundsena st., Yekaterinburg, 620016 Russia.

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