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On-line Voltammetric Determination of Traces of Zn2+ in 105 Excess of Ni2+

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 4 ]


Roumen Zlatev and Margarita Stoytcheva   Pages 378 - 383 ( 6 )


Introduction: More than 20 ppm of Zn2+ impurities in Ni electroplating baths causes Ni coating anticorrosive and decorative properties degradation. The 105 excess of Ni2+ concentration however interferes the Zn2+ impurities quantification allowing correcting the Ni bath concentrations.

Objectives: The objective of this work is the development, characterization and testing with real samples of a rapid and simple voltammetric method for automated on-line Zn2+ quantification in the presence of 105 excess of Ni2+.

Methods: The proposed analytical method is based on the Zn2+ability to form soluble hydroxyl complexes in excess of OH-, while Ni2+ precipitates at these conditions. Zn2+ remaining in the liquid phase was determined by applying Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV).

Results: The analytical characteristics of the developed DPV method were found to be the following: LOD 40 ppb; linear concentration range up to 32 ppm; relative errors from 2.21% to 8.74%.

Conclusion: A voltammetric method for on-line automated Zn2+ impurities quantification in 105 excess of Ni2+ was developed, characterized, and finally tested with real industrial samples by comparison with ICP applied after Zn2+ extraction. The results deviation obtained by the two methods was less than 6.25% in the range from 3.2 to 14.7 ppm Zn2+.


Nickel electroplating, watts’s bath, Zn impurities, voltammetry, DPV, zincates.


Engineering Institute, Autonomous University of Baja California, Blvd. B. Juarez s/n, 21280 Mexicali, Mexico.

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