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Application of New Advanced Electrochemical Methods Combine with Nano-Based Materials Sensor in Drugs Analysis

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 1 ]


P. Norouzi, H. Haji-Hashemi, B. Larijani, M. Aghazadeh, E. Pourbasheer and M. R. Ganjali   Pages 70 - 80 ( 11 )


Background: Many instruments have been developed for use in a variety of situations to facilitate the application of nano-based sensors, avoiding expensive and time-consuming procedures. Modified electrochemical methods are precise and sensitive analytical methods with excellent limits of detection. In these systems the analytical information is obtained from the electrical signal that results from the interaction of the drug and the recognition layer at the sensing electrode. Depending on the nature of the electrical signal, which is measured, those techniques are divided into capacitive, impedimetric, admittometric and voltammetric techniques. These methods offer a number of advantages for sensitive quantitative studies, mainly well-defined and peak-shaped responses, where undesirable effects are greatly minimized. Therefore, these techniques are very valuable in mechanistic and kinetic quantitative studies. In addition, the electrochemical systems provide monitoring of interest analytes for in-vivo and in-situ measurements.

Objective: Increasing concern about the drug analysis from analytical methodologies has led to design new field of electroanalytical measurements. This paper presents the new advanced electrochemical instrument and micro and nano-based sensors capable of detecting and identifying drugs.


Electrochemical methods, voltammetry, drug analysis, sensor, nanomaterials.


Center of Excellence in Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

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