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Vibrational Spectroscopic Techniques for the Analysis of Artefacts with Historical, Artistic and Archaeological Value

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 1 ]


Maite Perez-Alonso, Kepa Castro and Juan M. Madariaga   Pages 89 - 100 ( 12 )


During last years the application of chemical analysis to historical, artistic and archaeological specimens has gained more and more importance. The integration of scientific studies with information derived from stylistic or historic knowledge is really useful for the purposes of conservation, authentication, dating and attribution. Since the samples under examination are unique and irreplaceable the specimens must be submitted to non-destructive or at least microdestructive analysis. This work shows an overview of the state-of-the-art of vibrational spectroscopic techniques (mainly FTIR and Raman spectroscopies) as an analytical probe in artwork diagnosis, focusing on the need for specific spectra databases to perform accurate determinations. Some applications carried out by using both spectroscopic techniques will be presented.


Vibrational techinques, Raman spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, Artworks, Archaeological artefacts


Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of the Basque Country, P.O. Box. 644, 48080 Bilbao, Spain;

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