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Microcantilever (MCL) Biosensing

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 3 ]


Xiaodong Yan, Hai-Feng Ji and Thomas Thundat   Pages 297 - 307 ( 11 )


The analytical community continues to search for cost-effective, reliable, and even portable analytical techniques that can give reliable and fast-response results for a variety of biochemicals. Advances in the field of microelectro- mechanical systems (MEMS) and their uses now offer unique opportunities in the design of ultrasensitive analytical devices. Microcantilevers (MCLs) have been emerged as a novel unique platform for label-free biosensor or bioassay. This short review summarizes the biosensors using microcantilever (MCL) technology. DNA-based, antibody-based, enzyme- based, and membrane-based MCL sensors are discussed. The review is intended to provide an experts in this field an overview of MCL biosensors and to help the non-experts in the field to acquire a good understanding of the development of MCL biosensors and the main issues to be considered for further development of this biosensor technique.


Resonance frequency, Biosensors, DNA microarrays, DNA hybridization, Immobilization, mono-clonal antibody


Institute for Micromanufacturing,Louisiana Tech. University, Ruston, LA 71272, USA.

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