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Chlorella Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode as Whole Cell Microbial Sensor for Heavy Metal Ions

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 3 ]


Susheel K. Mittal, J. Singh and Ashok Kumar SK   Pages 365 - 372 ( 8 )


A whole cell based biosensor is prepared by immobilizing Chlorella sp. microbes over glassy carbon electrode. The proposed biosensor is optimized for characteristics like; substrate concentration, pH, response time, durability, etc. The electrode responds linearly in concentration range of 10-14 M to 10-6 M for zinc, copper, cadmium, cobalt and nickel ions. Relative selectivity of the metal ions can be ordered in following sequence: Zn2+ >> Cu2+ ≈ Cd2+ > Co2+ > Ni2+. The biosensor has a life time of 14 days, after which, its analytical properties do not remain stable.


Atomic absorbtion spectrometry, biosensor, bovine serum albumin, Chlorella sp., chronoamperometry, glutaraldehyde, glassy carbon electrode, heavy metal ions, immobilization, interference, real life samples, ultra- trace level measurement


School of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Thapar University, Patiala, 147004, India.

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