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Breath Analysis Using SIFT-MS to Assess Metabolic Status in Patients After Gastro-oesophageal Cancer Surgery- a Pilot Study

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 4 ]


Juzheng Huang, Sacheen Kumar, Piers R. Boshier, Stephanie Wakefield, Julia R. Cushnir and George B. Hanna   Pages 584 - 592 ( 9 )


Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) has been applied to determine the concentration of selected metabolites in exhaled breath in five patients before and after gastro-oesophageal cancer surgery. Eight metabolites for exhaled breath stored in Nalophan® bags were specifically investigated using H3O+ and NO+ in the Multiple Ion Mode (MIM) of the SIFT-MS. No significant change is observed for propanol and acetic acid. Metabolites mean values are found to increase for acetone and hexanoic acid in patients after surgery; ammonia, ethanol, hydrogen cyanide and isoprene are found to decrease in the same patients. Mann-Whitney U test is also conducted for these eight metabolites in exhaled breath samples before and after recovery from surgery. Hexanoic acid (p = 0.009) and isoprene (p = 0.016) are found to be statistically significantly different. This study demonstrates SIFT-MS to be a promising technique applicable in a clinical setting for the analysis of exhaled breath metabolites in patients with gastro-oesophageal cancer.


SIFT-MS, breath analysis, gastro-oesophageal cancer.


Department of Surgery and Cancer, 10th Floor QEQM Wing, St Mary’s Hospital, London, UK. W2 1NY,UK.

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