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Extraction Methods for Obtaining Carotenoids from Vegetables - Review

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 1 ]


Juliana M. Prado, Priscilla C. Veggi and M. Angela A. Meireles   Pages 29 - 66 ( 38 )


Due to the potential for health benefits, the importance of carotenoids is growing. Since this group of compounds is used in medical as well as food and cosmetic applications, a review of the current sources of carotenoids is undertaken. A literature survey is presented related to the methods currently used for the extraction of carotenoids from plants: low-pressure solvent extraction by different techniques and supercritical fluid extraction. The process parameters and their influence on carotenoids yield are considered. The cost of manufacturing carotenoids-rich extracts by supercritical fluid extraction is also discussed.


Carotenoids, manufacturing cost, organic solvent extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, vegetables.


LASEFI/DEA/FEA (School of Food Engineering)/ UNICAMP (University of Campinas), Rua Monteiro Lobato, 80; 13083-862, Campinas, SP - Brazil.

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