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Analytical Methods for Lipases Activity Determination: A Review

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 3 ]


M. Stoytcheva, G. Montero, R. Zlatev, Jose A. Leon and V. Gochev   Pages 400 - 407 ( 8 )


The increasing industrial demand for lipases has lead to the identification of new sources of enzymes with unique properties and generated a great interest in applying rapid, reliable, specific, selective, and sensitive analytical methods for evaluating their catalytic activity. This work offers a professional look on the achievements and the emerging strategies for lipases activity determination, involving volumetry, spectrometry, radioactive assays, immunoassays, conductimetry, chromatography, and biosensors. The principle, the advantages, and the deficiencies of each of these methods are addressed in detail.


Analytical methods, biosensors, catalytic activity, conductimetry, chromatography, immunoassays, lipase, radioactive assays, spectrometry, volumetry, Spectrometry, Radioactive assays, Immunoassays, Conductimetry, Chromatography, Biosensors, Colorimetry, Fluorometry


Instituto de Ingenieria, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Blvd. B. Juarez s/n, 21280 Mexicali, Mexico.

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